Tentative Schedule for Nov/Dec - 2018 CBCS Regulation Except 1st Semester

S.No Task Start Date Last Date Remarks
1 Timetable Slot & Staff Assignment 06-June-2018 15-June-2018
2 Student Enrollment / Registration 26-June-2018 27-June-2018
3 Reappearance Enrollment / Registration 28-June-2018 30-June-2018
4 Student Course Registration form to ACOE Office 16-July-2018 16-July-2018
5 Assessment 1 Report to ACOE 22-August-2018 24-August-2018
6 Examination Fees Payment 24-September-2018 05-October-2018 Revised Examination Fees payment for all the students.
7 Prevention Report to ACOE Office 27-October-2018 27-October-2018
8 Online HallTicket 29-October-2018 29-October-2018
9 Assessment 2 Report to ACOE Office 22-October-2018 26-October-2018
10 End Semester Examination Timetable 20-September-2018 20-September-2018
11 Commencement of End Semester Examination 01-November-2018
12 Commencement of Central Valuation 05-November-2018
13 Result Status
14 Apply for Photocopy
15 Apply for Revaluation
16 Apply for Review Challenge
17 Result to ACOE Office
18 PhD Course work Registration 10-September-2018 20-September-2018 Complete the Course Registration before last date. Pay the Examination fees through online payment in the SEMS website.